Westpark Healthcare Campus

Westpark Healthcare is a 100-bed Medicare- and Medicaid-licensed facility that provides long-term, short-term and respite care for young adults,particularly those who suffer from multiple sclerosis and other degenerative diseases.We take the trust you place in us seriously. As a premier medical wellness center, our short- and long-term visions focus on delivering the highest quality, cutting-edge nursing care and rehabilitation services possible.

What kind of attention and services does Westpark Healthcare Campus provide?

Even before a patient arrives, we put together a team of caring professionals including board certified physicians,
nurse practitioner, therapy specialist and skilled nursing clinicians to create individualized programs, monitor
residents’ progress and adjust as necessary. The dedicated social service staff works with families to plan the return home whenever feasible, keeping you and your family informed throughout the process. This includes home assessment referrals to agencies and organizations within your community.

How does Westpark Healthcare work with a resident’s doctor and medical team?

Residents who have a private physician can keep their current doctor who in turn works with our medical director and nurse practitioner to create a personalized care plan. Residents who do not have a private physician will be served by our Care Team, consisting of a licensed physician, medical director and a nurse practitioner.

Unique Rehabilitation Therapy

Recovery from significant surgery, injury or illness may create the need for rehabilitation. It is our priority to have you back home as soon as possible. Our on-site therapy focuses solely on
regaining your independence.

The Joseph E. Coury Therapy Center

The Joseph E. Coury Therapy Center offers a 1,500-square-foot “return-to-home” replica—the rehabilitation environment that residents will face in the real world.

Short-term/Respite Care

Westpark Healthcare's nursing and medical professionals provide supportive care and comprehensive services so patients can live independently.

Long-term Care

Some residents, due to their illness, may have to stay longer. We offer ways to make that transition streamlined by offering a rich environment filled with activities and dedicated caregivers.

What type of payment does Westpark Healthcare accept?

We accept private pay, HMOs and PPOs. As a Medicareand Medicaid-certified facility, we accept both Medicare and Medicaid payments. We take ongoing steps to ensure regulatory compliance and paperwork completion in a proper and efficient manner.

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